Your 2017 Railway Experience

The city of St. Thomas’ fascinating railway heritage is a source of celebration for the Iron Horse Festival.  Once a railway hub of activity, eight major rail companies brought over 100 trains per day through St. Thomas. At its peak in 1929, the railway employed up to 1/8th of the city’s population. It goes without saying that the railway was a major contributor to turning the once humble-sized town of St. Thomas into the city it is today. The festival will encapsulate elements of this railway heritage with plenty of exciting activities for the whole family.

The festival will take place on the historical rail yards of the Elgin County Railway Museum, next to the Canadian Southern (CASO) Station. Both the CASO station and the museum are significant historical landmarks that preserve the essence of the railway industry.

Step into the CASO Station and discover the architecture of one of our biggest buildings, also home to the North American Railway Hall of Fame. The CASO Station will be holding FreshFest on August 17th and a psychic fair on August 18-20th.

Take a step back in time and check out all of the artefacts and displays the Elgin County Railway Museum has to offer. Once a Michigan Central locomotive repair shop, the museum has its own rich history to explore. St. Thomas’ first Comic Convention will also be held at the museum on August 19th and 20th.

Don’t forget the TRAIN RIDES! The city’s railway legacy lives on with free train rides departing from the CASO Station Aug 17th-20th. For a trip around Railway City, get your tickets on the day-of at the CASO Station. First come, first serve!

Take the Iron Horse Festival as your opportunity to learn more about the historical significance of the railway in St. Thomas.