Pat Maloney

Indie-folk artists Pat Maloney comes to Iron Horse Festival from Ottawa, Ontario.  The happily independent singer-songwriter encapsulates the Canadian spirit of a humble, passionate storyteller, with an often self-defaming sense of humour.  In a rich baritone, he sings heartfelt “story songs” based on his experiences on tour, his personal life and his place in the big blue world.

Three full-length albums deep since 2013, Pat’s catalogue is inclusive and free of pretension.  However genre hopping, he draws cohesion from master storytelling at his live performances.  It’s hard to pin down Pat’s musical influences.  Although he considers himself akin to adult alternative songwriters like Father John Misty, Ryan Adams or Tom Waits, he refuses to betray the influence from his years as a drummer in punk & hip-hop outfits.  Stepping away from full-length album efforts for now, he is poised to release two digital singles in 2018.